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About us

Folklore group Radost and Holoubek Pardubice

The folklore dance group RADOST (meaning “joy”) was founded in 1977 within the Youth Centre Alfa in the city of Pardubice.
Children from the age of four up to adults both dance and sing in four individual groups. The repertoire of the group derives mainly from the historical collections of our region and also from other folklore regions.

Awards and accomplishments

The group RADOST achieved success on both national and international level; the children participated in several national contests and parades as well as other festivals in the Czech Republic and abroad. RADOST was given the main prize at the Folklore Festival in Strážnice with the programme “From Vrchlabí to Polabí”. The most prestigious award RADOST has been given was the main award for music and stage performance at the World Festival of Folklore Dance Schools in Bursa, Turkey in 1995.
Among other appreciated awards, there is also a prize for choreography at the competition in Poland in 2011 and an award for the first place at the Belarus International Folklore Festival Competition in the year 2016.

Where to see us?

The group organizes various concerts every year; the Celebration of Christmas and the annual concert in May for which there are always special guests invited. RADOST regularly performs at Homes for the Elderly People in Pardubice, at the Pardubice – Hradec Králové International Folklore Festival and along with other three groups organizes the Children’s International Folklore Festival “Traditions of Europe”.
RADOST has also performed as a part of several projects for schools – “About the Handicrafts” and “The Czech Year”.
There had been a cooperation with the East Bohemian Theatre in Pardubice, where the children performed in the “Hey Master” play – a play about the Czech classicist composer Jakub Jan Ryba.


In 1995, the group took part in the documentary film “Folk Dances of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia”.
The group’s first CD was released in 1997 and was called “We are Giving Joy” and also there was a promotional video of the same name
released in 2000. In 2002, RADOST released a Christmas CD called “Happy New Year”, there was also CD “We are Giving Joy II” to celebrate its 25th anniversary and 5 years later was released also “30 Years of RADOST”.
The group published a songbook “Zpěvník plný Radosti” (meaning “The Songbook Full of Joy”) for its upcoming 40th anniversary.